Taking a Synth Bath

Stumbled on this very bare and raw version. As brief as it is heavy. Simply beautiful!

Also after giving it a few spins ‘Random Access Memories’ is full of delightful moments, but borders on being stupendously horrendous. Somehow it narrowly escapes from keeling over to utter kitsch.

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Enjoy the reverie: Flox – Right Here

fiji islands

As heard today on the excellent Music channel Couleur 3, the one last reliable radio station broadcasting decent music in this land. If they knew any better its swiss german counterparts would bow their heads in shame, but alas they happily churn out toss, that repeats itself within the hour.

But enough of that, lets get drowned in that tidal wave that is Flox’ ‘Right Here’, a very gentle one that completely overtakes you by the end but leaves awash blissfully cleansed and thoroughly purified. Its full force at the end is not felt as a punch but as a lift in another state, right here.

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Tornike – Cubic

In the spirit of the season, a little gift brought to you by this blog, much of the year rather dormant we must admit, but nonetheless hoping you’d enjoyed one or the other post.


This time covering a track found in one of the countless year-end mixes, very straightforward in rhythm and melody at first, but soon enough breaking into a relentless yet relaxed jazzy beat, driving onward the melancholic but peaceful stutter of the singer’s voice. Synths moving in and out like clouds that bring all kinds of weather but snow.

Hailing from Georgia, we sure do hope to see this young man roam our parts of Western Europe to make our attendance to an outing and display of his musical talents.


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New albums by the Kalkbrenner brothers

Fritz Kalkbrenner – Sick Travelin’

One has to begin with the disappointment. Listen to it a few times and it just becomes more obvious how this experiment has failed. Upon Fritz’es debut album Paul was declared the less talented of the two, seeing the warmth, soul and class soaked tracks on his first full length. In between he released the more than stellar version of Ruby Lee, a Bill Withers classic, that not only honoured the original but took it to another ethereal, but comfortable level. And now this. It’s not a disaster, there’s some bits and pieces that are worth the listen. But ultimately its forgettable, you won’t even be upset, it’s not what you’d hoped for.

Paul Kalkbrenner – Guten Tag

Moving on to Paul, putting out another album in a very short time. The last one ‘Icke Wieder’ was like a comet, insanely good, played to death and not touched for a year and completely faded away despite its brightness and initial appeal. No matter the quality sitting on there. While ‘Berlin Calling’ continues to be the soundtrack for almost every situation in life, be that a boring airport, a long train ride, workout or a good dinner with friends. With ‘Guten Tag’ it is not yet certain wheather it will be a comet or a star to stay on the horizon. There is many a good gem cramped on it, and thankfully no vocals. It’s so painfully simple, it hurts and tingles your spine. Listening to ‘Trümmerung’, bass cranked, is a revelation. Goosebumps, head and feet rocking involuntarily and waiting for that snare to kick in, well I rest my case.

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Healing Scars in Lebanon


Instead of healing open and still septic wounds, Lebanon moves on, ignoring setbacks and numerous bursts of the ever dwelling conflict. Beirut lives with desperation and joy and has seen its fair share of life, death and beyond. The past not yet having become one, rather still fear inspiring be it from the all too obvious remainders in the midst of the building frenzy, where only the sky and shining glass are limits. Or the less obvious but far more dangerous religious segregation, drawing invisible lines through neighbourhoods. But it’s not that simple. The lines are far more blurry than churches and mosques suggest.


The open display of demolished, bombed and shelled houses vanishes when moving into the countryside, where street-frenzy gives way to majestic mountains, cedar reserves and awe-inspiring cliffs in lush valleys. However, the segregation becomes more prevalent than ever, with a friendly, welcoming population that does not hold back in sharing its views on conflict, sometimes offering insight, while other times the resentment, hatred and fear are too hard to bear. And it lets you wonder, if the passion and emotions go so deep, can there ever be closure?


As you wander on, everyone at least once recommends to visit Byblos, allegedly the birthplace of our modern alphabet. The town has continually existed for more than 8000 years, seen civilizations rise and fall, religions come and go and somehow managed to keep a little memory of each period. So much struggle still today and yet it is hard to wrap ones mind around the fact, how peaceful it is. For thousands of years it was one of the most important trade cities in the mediterranean area, today it is much more than an open museum for tourists, it is a symbol of resilience and hope, that out of every scar a lasting, calming reminder of life arises.


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Have a little faith in Istanbul

Istanbul Arya Sofia

When flying in to Istanbul, the pointy spikes of its countless minarets create a thorny silhouette of this hilly city and its mighty Bosphorus river. As you drive in closer to the old city and the sprawlingly glitzy parts of downtown the darts become a vital counterpart to the many domes, topping each other in greatness and splendour.

Istanbul from Bosphorus

Probably best viewed from a boat though, the skyline becomes picturesque on cue, with the sun painting colours that match the cities grand past and present glory. So you be sure spending a splendid day in Sultanahmet, ticking off sights, markets and hammam spas with ease. With the exception of the bazars, all of it is worth your time. Don’t even bother for the grand bazar, the building complex is nicely putting your orientation sense out of order, however besides that it’s rather boring. Something a market normally should avoid being at all cost.

Sultanahmet Istanbul

Have a stop at the spices bazar though, not worth buying much, but pretty in light, colour and scent all the while. Crossing the bridge to the other side you will find shopping galore, from hipster paradise to boutique madness, stopping at world-class bars, cafés and restaurant to pause briefly between browsing and leafing. Leaving the more popular shores to the asian side or up the golden horn will undoubtedly lead you to the more serious and faithful population, yet life’s more quieter pace seems a better life choice than all the mind numbing shopping, drinking and eating.


Nudged in between, sometimes subtly hidden, but often thrown into the idlers innocent path all too obviously are palaces, overladen mosques, transformed churches, colonial schools and remnants of the cities former boundaries. The one treasure surely not receiving enough credit and awareness are its inhabitants.  Keep on walking, have a tea and your faith shall be with this city, inshallah!

Istanbul Besiktas

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Beirut Wisdom


Whenever I feel bad, I start to sing.
Then I realize, my voice is worse than my problems.

As seen in the streets of Beirut, near downtown.

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Even better music… Drvg Cvltvre – Dark Clouds Coming

After this track came along my way on my favorite blog for new tracks and remixes and afterwards listening to it every now and than, I wanted to share it in the hope, it will be a top 10 hit in SUI in about 8 months. Would be kind of weird. But instrumental tracks usually don’t sell that good, but we will see.

Great work from a guy from the Netherlands I think. Looking forward to find some DJ-Sets announced in my region.

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Kill Your Work Life Balance

kill your work life balance sprayed

Collage & papercut of media headlines (courtesy of NZZ, Tagi-Magi), spray can & paint. Laid out on a freezy Saturday morning.

Kill your work life balance papercut

Project ongoing, pictures documenting creative process. Failure or no failure remains to be seen.

Kill your work life balance

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Wolf + Lamb – Real Love (ft Pillowtalk)

Gorgeous track bubbling away.

Btw: We’re back! Sort of…

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