Dante’s Inferno

Yesterday’s visit to the newly opened Dante Bar & Basement has been truly delightful. The Basement slash club has yet to find its audience, the Bar itself seems to be everybody’s darling. Very refreshing to see both young hipsters and alternative indie boys & girls in the same spot, trying to decide whether this is the new place to be. Is Langstrasse ready for a bit of glitz yet? Remains to be seen, the waiters, sporting fly and suit, in the meanwhile are gold. The manager is not:

“what’s on in the basement tonight?” – “party.. house. you know.”

Right. Off we were.

Next stop Cocuna, used to be a neat spot for rock concerts and fun parties. However this has turned into a horrible kidfest. When you have to show your ID at the entrance (we didn’t have to, got me thinking…), you know this is not the place to be. Oh and it wasn’t, the evening took a dark turn. How can you play post Ed Banger turds one after the other and people actually floundering happily away? Cocuna shows you and you’ve never wanted to know.

Hoping that the end of Langstrasse is not near..! However if there is one street that has been to hell and back, this is the one. Even though it seems the dark age is again upon us..


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