Club Zinc, Lausanne

A wonderful weekend in Lausanne. Good food  wine, Absinthe and french!

The club visited names itself Zinc, is centrally located and an odd hybrid catering both to youngsters and the more mature audience. So what if you’re stuck in between? You’re going to the oldies, that’s what. It is, after all, the lesser of two evils. The upper floor reminds one to the desaster in Cocuna a few weeks back, oddly enough the basement is free of any kids. And all without active segregation of the doorman.

The music mediocre, the drinks apparently rather expensive (wouldn’t know, was still blind from Absinthe) and a tiny little fumoir-box. The people, in the basement, are fun, relaxed and a joy to dance with. Something other cities could learn from!

À la prochaine, Lausanne!

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