The perfect (small to midsize) club.

Not that I would already know the one. Still searching or exploring. After visiting one that was surprinsingly disappointing I was remembered what I may ask for.

voting for the best clubs from a uk mag is still active, until march 15.

The door. I’m not realy into queuing, but definitely not a fan of two different rows for the chosen ones and the rest. One moderate moving row with some people leaving because of rejection is what gives me always the feeling that the door is working as it should. And if it’s so cold that most of the people will have to leave something at the wardrobe, the door shouldn’t let people in if the wardrobe is overcrowded.

The wardrobe. For me this is most of the times the first impression of a club as I pass the door frequently. And I hate if you’re not close to queuing in a queue. I recently experienced how it shouldn’t be. It was like war I felt not prepared by the time I served at the swiss army. Any club should avoid such sceens I saw and felt at the D! Club.

The bars. My favorite are at least bars at a club (or one bar and a good table service). I wanna chose where it may be faster to get a drink and relax. And I’m not averse if a bar looks stylish. Neon light, bright colours, unattractiv staff and no space are not among my favs. After my first impression I would recommend some adjustments at the bar in the mainroom of the D! Club. If the club is overcrowded, you will hate to stand at the bar.

The crowd. It’s difficult to get the right crowd in a club for an event with presale tickets. So a club should try to get a reputation on the other nights. From my point of view it should attract some young, a little bit older and some strange/weird folk. Too many young people usually don’t know how to behave and as a club I would try to draw a crowd that is changing every two years. And come on, if you wanna play good music, the crowd should appreciate good music and should know, when the music isn’t.

Warm up DJ. Bad Nelson as heard at the D! Club in Lausanne is a very bad warm up DJ. I almost started crying because I felt sorry for the people in the club that they may have to experience such a bad djing on other nights as well.

Privat tables and areas. That’s were you earn the money. They should be stylish and it looks good, when at the beginning of the night you already see some bottles on the tables. Messy tables to close to the dancefloor are disgusting.

A/C versus transpiring people on the dance floor. Without smoke in the air, you smell perfume and later sweat. From my experience you can avoid smelling people (at the door, for the worst) and by using an a/c. Clubs which have an a/c or fans and don’t use it are… iiiii.

But well, many thanks for the responsibles at the D! Club in Lausanne the other night. Without this experience I would have had to be remembered some night in the future what makes a club bad. Crookers were great.

But a wardrobe war, a too crowded place, too high temperatures and so on… Maybe one last try for 2Many DJ’s

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