Zurich’s meat markets

Every city has them, some refer to them as infamous, downright horrible places with no shame. Others love them exactly for that quality. Whereas your average club is free of any contact with the significant other (how dare you talking to me!) there seems to be a specific need to compensate: enter the meat markets.

1. Fez, Kanzlei: Probably the most honest and tasteful one, even though you get a feeling this is what it’d be like to go out in every other city besides Zurich. Why are we so arrogant, again? Anyway this spot trumps with a hommage-feel to your first kiss-encounters, has regular specials (Airplane-Fez, Christmas-Fez, Herzblatt-Fez etc) and an easy-going atmosphere. Even though the next mate for your romp is a clear target, one could have less class than here. Recommendation: only go when serious dryspell is happening. Everybody knows what you’re here for.

2. Lollipop, Palais x-tra: The motherlode of all evil. Alcohol and the worst in music, Schlager, apparently are a perfect match to get EVERYONE laid. And the attendees don’t even bother getting a catchline right. Do you wanna fondle? NO? Alright next. And you don’t have too look far. Even though you have a perfect score here, this is nothing to be proud of, it is that easy. Reccomendation: Just plain don’t go. Save yourself, this is even horrible when blind drunk.

3. Thursday Night, Palavrion: An interesting variation. Here bankers are not hunting bonuses but cheap prey. The latter are usually dressed provocatively, tight skirts, high-heels and cleavage galore. So brave new world then? Paradise awaits? Be warned, the pick-up standards are the same as at Lollipop, gruesome. Recommendation: Go once, score and walk the walk of shame. We all have.

4. After-Work Tuesdays, Carlton-Bar: What is truly special and unique here is that you have a good atmosphere, people dancing and actually enjoying themselves at eight pm. Might have something to do with free entry before half six, happy hour until seven but even then this is remarkable. The crowd seems not much different from Palavrion, but apparently at Tuesday people still have some self-respect and class. Recommendation: Go as long as you’re single, you could do much worse. People working at banks and hair-salons can be interesting.. sort of.

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