le flammekueche

Or as I had to order it: Flammkuchen. For me please the original one.

This weekend I went to a restaurant where I knew they make some good ones. I just went there for a picture of it to add it on this blog. Unfortunately I failed.

The first restaurant made Flammkuchen I ate was delicious and just 3 weeks ago. When my bro made some bought ones years ago, I declined to try. The air smelled because of the onions on it and they didn’t looked that inviting. My brother felt in love with this dish during his years in the Romandie and it took me a journey in the rural areas just behind Bern (yeah, some would say the rural area starts 95km before Bern).

If you have any recommendations to get some stone oven made Flammkuchen in the area of Zurich, feel free to leave a note. Otherwise I will have to continue with those journeys just to get some of this thin dough, whit some sourcream, onions and bacon…

Hmm. It was so delicious and thin, that I knew by the arrival of the dish, that I couldn’t wait and let this thin thing get colder. I kind of knew it before I went there that it will get hard to make the picture of it before I start eating, and yes, I failed. So I only got a pic of the empty plate.

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