A couple of nights clubbing in Zurich.

Why do you expect the most from the main acts? The ones this weekend some kind of failed.

On Friday I hitted the dace floor of the hive. Many credits to the warm-up Dj, who’s name I’m not going to look up. So he can surprise me the next time with a nice set. The first main act tried to add the vocals for their house music. Didn’t realy worked. The Round Table Knights as main act made me dancing a little bit harder the other times I saw them.

And now I’m on the way home while Wolfgang Gartner still maybe playing. I hope he is not one of the top Dj’s wordwide. I didn’t looked it up beforehand and now I don’t gonna waist the time for that. Overrated. Somehow every second track sounded in some ways like ‘One’ by SHM, igit… and from my point of view, a serious Dj can’t play the classic hip hop song about bills of 10$ until 1m$ and hands up…. he did with one of the worst remixes. An other time he failed, was when he tried to remix Beethoven’s 5th. To finish this post some words about the warm up Dj tonight at the Kaufleuten. He was kind of okay.

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