Jamiroquai at Hallenstadion, Zürich

How many cars do you own, Jay Kay? How many drugs did you take? How big is your hat collection really? And why was yesterdays show so painfully pleasant?

As the set progressed, sticking always to the ever-popular radio-friendly versions of their songs, it became clear, that they are out for your cash. Everybody liked it and it was horrible. No experiments, a lame-ass stage-set up and a well-rounded band playing polished sound. In short, while trying very hard to please all attendees, they pissed me off royally. And they did not play Deeper Underground. The only moment to shine was a weird, electronic and bass-heavy song they did for an encore. However after that Jamiroquai took off, Jay Kay looking exhausted, without a big final.

Oh well. Deeper Underground, you live on:

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