About supporting the national team

Or as others would say it

Why would one do that to one-self, you might ask? To struggle to find an answer would be a bold understatement. Supporting our national team is like a sure kick in the groin, it will never work, they play horrid game after game. Yes, we are small and limited, but so what? Why would you hide for god’s sake? It is not like you have something to lose 80 minutes into the game. By defending and hiding in your own comfort zone you do lose, big time at that. They are not even laughing stock anymore, it is shambles.

So why then, am I watching game after game? Because of miracles that do occur when you least expect it.

01.05.1993 Switzerland – Italy 1:0 – Marc Hottiger does it, we do win against a big one. Qualification for a big tournament after decades of nothingness. The start of a great streak in the 90ies. Remember Georges Bregy’s magic freekick?

November, 2005 Turkey – Switzerland (rematch play-off) 4:2 – Everybody who watched both games has aged significantly and has now as a consequence a heightened risk of a heart attack. Thousand deaths and beyond and we were qualified against all odds. The intensity is unmatched and has changed me ever since. Knowing that this was possible makes watching the boys today even more unbearable.

16.06.2010 Spain – Switzerland 0:1 – And probably the most unexpected of them all, entirely undeserved and yet the biggest win ever against reigning and becoming Euro and World champion. It is the same team embarassing now, that played on the pitch then and somehow managed to steal that win. Oh, what a night.

Wembley, brace for nothing, here we come.

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