Joker & Nomad at M4Music, Zürich

Dubstep, what is that really besides a wall of bass? A trend that has been on the rise for so long that is a massive movement by now, but still has failed to araise the faintest interest in me. Recognizing the talent of Artists such as Burial, who combine Dub, Drum ‘n Bass and Breaks with an eerie soundscape, it still did not occur to me how this would excite the masses in a club. After all, there is no real hook, there is no consistent beat except for a massive drumroll.. and the bass of course.

But thanks to yesterdays set at the end of the always quirky talent festival M4Music at Zurich’s Schiffbau from Joker and his companion MC Nomad I began to see why this has gone on for so long. Joker, being one of the very big names in this genre, tore the place down with his bass. Hidden beneath though was a kaleidoscope of all the trends in London electronic music of the past three decades. It is amazing how such headphone heavy sound can get a room of people into an ecstactic frenzy. And frankly I’m glad to have witnessed it.

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