Collection in Spring

What’s more interessting to collect? Moss or bear’s garlic.

Good if you come around doing one of them, but some things need to be done in the garden in spring (e.g. collecting the moss).

I thought this could be a good meditative work that will calm me down to even be patient while watching watching a quite important football match. It proved it didn’t. Or was it that the players didn’t seemed to be prepared for the game? It definately was a poor performance there.

The other thing I wanted to collect on that spring day was bear’s garlic. Very easy stuff if the ground of the forest is as covered as there on this picture. And the smell of those leaves reminds of nice flavored food.

And collecting bear’s garlic doesn’t take as much time as collecting moss. And if you think you have enough, you gonna leave. After not having collected the moss for some seasons, there was to many between the herbs to get it out in just one workflow. I had to do it twice. That came close to an annoying experience while watching football. But the result is hopefully closer to what I was looking for.

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