Touch old wood!

When I was recovering on Sunday afternoon by watching TV, they said something about a room that was panelled with wood from swiss stone pines, more than 700 years ago. C’mon guy, you’re joking. What I heard was that the panelling was from 1254 what would be quite old wood.

As this room was the dining room of a hotel in the Val Müstair, a little bit more remote than what wrote about the lower Engadin: “remote, rugged, near-forgotten valley in Switzerland’s easternmost corner”, and my Monday hadn’t the busiest schedule, I decided to check on place if I still can trust my TV.

I could have expected Snow White over there because there where some mountains and valleys to leave behind me to get there, but no princess seen.

It was all about the hotel. The building looks still quite good. And it was built as the one in the TV said in 1254 and the one hosting the guest and diners at the moment confirmed, that is still the wood from those days on the wall. Very impressiv. It helps me to feel young again, at least for a couple of days.

Close to the dining room they still have an open fireplace where they occasionaly prepare some meals. But mine was made somewhere else.

And it’s about the building and not about the food. They had just one menu for lunch where you could have replace one or the other thing but it wasn’t as big as the place. The salad was close to nada (spanish for nothing). There would also have been a soup which I skipped. The main dish was something from a by the host shoot deer with some polenta and red cabbage. Not that spectacular but okay.

Keep in mind, that in the 13th century, the houses were not built for tall people. If you forget that, you may hurt your head, as I did.

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