Friedas Büxe, Zürich

If you look at the name of a club you find things like Amber, Jade and Indochine. Names you find in any big city. Then you have the local housebrands that have been around for decades. So in essence, to aptly name a new club, you really need to brainstorm yourself numb. Otherwise you find yourselves with a bland standard idiotic name such as the aforementionend.

Friedas Büxe is one great name. It makes you want to go there just for that alone. Of course in the taxi ride over you learn that it is actually an after-hours club. That leaving you a bit concerned would be a bold underestimation, however it was quite charming and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Of course for an after-hour joint between 2 and 4 am are still the early hours of the night. Still much better than listening to a DJ playing long dated Ed-Banger turds at other once great gigs (Yes Revier, I am talking to you!).

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One Response to Friedas Büxe, Zürich

  1. Larissa says:

    Han genau es gliche dänkt über Frieda’s Büxe am Aafang. Bin eigentlich nur wegem Name de ane mitgange… 🙂 Finds aber läss…

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