Geneva special (1/3): sights

Westschweiz, Romandie or a part of Switzerland about which you don’t know to much about if you’re living in the german speaking part of the country.

So I wanna introduce the city with the international airport. EasyJet is operating there so that you may once have to catch a flight in the early hours of a day. Do it as some I met in a club one night… about that in (3/3)

We do love Cities on the borders of a lake or the sea. So; love Geneva.

There where a lot of people doing some sports in their lunch time on this sunny Monday, some even swimming (don’t think that I should publish my thoughts about the seen swimm suits). I go for Jetée de Pàquis. It’s just opposite the Jet d’Eau (max. altitude 140m). You don’t here the streets on both sides of the lake anymore and it’s perfect for sunbathing from the first lights of a day until sunset.

If you get bored by lingering around the lake and the old town, you can do some serious stuff either. I read about some museums over there (I usualy don’t make it into one) or you can go and have a look the headquarters of several international organisations (good ones) as for example the UNHCR, the WMO (what’s that) or the WTO. You will even find an office of the UN were guided tours are available.

Best thing for me on the train ride to Geneva or Lausanne or Montreux besides other travellers is the view you have over the Lac Léman when you’re approaching Lausanne.

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