Geneva special (2/3): food

Walk, walk and walk. Before you take a seat in the restaurant Café de Paris, you should burn some calories.

I have an imaginary list of cars I wanna see on the streets. Not on TV or in a show room. Best chances to see some exotic cars in Switzerland are the Quais, Ponts and Rues of Geneva. There are also crappy cars on the streets but you recognise them easily. Most of the time they have licence tags from France. Oh yeah.. cars seen until now Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari GTO and some other sports cars.

You got me, it’s about food.

I like the herb-butter mixture called Café de Paris. And I try to eat my Entrecote with Café de Paris at this place in Geneva that gave it’s name for it. Now it’s the only main dish they are serving (okay, I never asked if something else is available).

I had to make some space for the meat on my plate covered with french fires and thought. Eeehh, is this worth the trip? Once upon a time you get better ones at the Mensa (exactly UZH Mensa; once they where perfect). I ordered the meat medium, so it came à point. It was resting on a soft layer of not yet melted Café de Paris butter and sliced in six pieces… hmmm… it was very tender, flavourfull and … hmmm… I could get another one right now…

And with the melted butter, spooned the same way as the meat, the french fries played a good part in this lunch and even the refill disappeared.

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One Response to Geneva special (2/3): food

  1. bex says:

    heya the cafe the paris only has one thing on the menu only ever has really enjoyed reading this thank you very much x bex

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