Well what happens if most people in a town have get a free Monday afternoon? They gather around the lake, in the streets and on squares. And if if comes, that tons of people are lingering around, they may put a white man on a pile of wood and lit this pile.

I’m not going to part of this again. It will happen the next years as it is doing since decades. Don’t need the smell of those horses around one of the most beautiful places of the city (even if it partially was a parking lot and now a construction site).

And now about the man. I think he is made out of cotton and everyone is waiting to see when his head is blown away (by some fireworks). I post a picture of the burning man and not of the moment when he was done and at which some parents where forced to calm their pupil that had already built a connection with the snowman and couldn’t understand why he had to go.

I left as fast as possible.

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