Fiasko at Langstrasse

More glamour for Langstrasse and yes you guessed right, this used to be a strip joint too (Cabaret Malibu). This time though, since the whole red light charm has worn off already, the interior no longer resembles the former tenant. Instead it has an appeal of an italian café with plenty of room to linger outside. Everybody was there, of course, to welcome the latest addition to Langstrasse. One does wonder, if the makers are stressing the point of not wanting to be one of those old-strip-then-hip bar/club kind of type things, then why would you build it around the entrance, looks like a shrine really, of Bermuda Bar highlighting neon light sign and scrummy images? What are you trying to say exactly?

But apart from that fiasco, the place looks neat and with the coming summer months it will only help to increase the ever buzzing corner around these parts. It does remind one of the recently opened Dante. Langstrasse goes clean, and hopefully not boring? The crummy but more charming and interesting places are moving over the railway tracks to Kreis 3. Go check out Bundeshaus if you like it more rundown.

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