Geneva special (3/3): night

Hey gorgeous girl… Came to mind quite often the other night clubbing in Geneva. But that wasn’t the most unexpected thing of the night.

I can’t write about amenities of hotels in Geneva where you may pass your nights there. I was clubbing and 4 a.m. came faster as I expected. Maybe influenced by the this time ‘cheap’ alcohol. I don’t know why, but the prices of what I had seemed to be down 40% of what I experienced other times. At the beginning I thought the reason might be that they where no more able to attract a house filling crowd. But by the time I could have checked this…..

Great thing about such an international city as Geneva is, that you can meet people from all over the world. So I wasn’t surprised when I understood ‘from Hawaii’, she wasn’t.

I had a great night at Bypass. Not as great DJing as when I was the first night at that club and Crookers where playing, but still good clubbing sound.

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