Preslava at Sin City, Sofia

The first night in Sofia would start with a bang: a Chalga concert in Sofia’s most notorious night club Sin City. There is no dancefloor only a stage surrounded by tables. Not to fret when the only preparation for this trip was to secure such a table. An already drunken night would only go further with the blissfully produced music named Chalga. Some might have been pre-occupied with the tastefully dressed singers in the videoclips and dismissed the music as a Bulgarian take on the dark side of Eurodance. Mind you the dance was on thin ice, but the clueless mastered this act effortlessly.

And about the concert.. the singer was undoubtingly sporting the most daring dress, and the two ‘performed’ songs went down brilliantly. So great she took off only to come back some time later to ‘perform’ the exact two same songs all over again. Maybe for the ones that missed it the first time round? No worth fretting over, we wished this night would have never ended.

As a result a many ‘greatest night ever’ were proclaimed, fingers were burned both literally and almost metaphorically, steep counters mounted and finally a relationship status altered (albeit thankfully only temporarily).

The SMS song:

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