Drinking Bulgarian Wine

When ordering a beer in a foreign country, the last thing you want to get is a Heineken. Drinking Heineken abroad (or at home for that matter) is about as adventurous as going to McDonalds. So after testing quite a few brands, extensive field testing, Zagorka was crowned the best one. The irony though is, that this is owned and brewed by Heineken…

So, moving on after that little Corporate America mishap, to the center of attention: Wine.

Next to the usual suspects such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot there are various local specialties. Local not in Bulgarian but to that specific region either in the Black Sea area, the South or Danubian/Thrakian. The one that caught our eye from day one was Mavrud. This one is actually really from Bulgaria, very rich in flavour and spice, yet still light to pass as Apéro wine. But its true companons are lamb and a drunken russian oligarch.

Our true favourite was found on day three, however we were drinking the 2007 edition. So next time you’re on a wine fair, go check out the bulgarian wine. As all else, it might be obscure and unknown, but well worth a try.

To round it off with liqueor, as a digestive or.. well because you like it, do that with Rakia, a sort of fruity, chilled served Grappa. Actually home to all Balkan countries ranging over to the Black Sea down to the Bosporus, this is widely popular and not too shabby in taste. But be sure to taste this after a hearty meal, rather than kill a bottle beforehand. You may regret that later…

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