Cultural trip to (you got it) Sofia

Wikipedia travelers would have been the nicest what you could have said about us before our trip to Sofia, capital of a country down there, east I would say.

Grab your Passport and check it out, maybe not on a big religious event such as Easter or Christmas. We had to pleasure to find an almost deserted city on Easter. We where told, once there, that most locals spend those days celebrating with their families or in churches. As no one of us got in the status of a family member, it was close though, the only place we saw lots of locals was around the churches. Most at around midnight on Saturday, waiting to be released for the run or walk around the church with an eternal flame that still should be burning when you arrive at home, what seemed to be a difficult task.

The architecture of their older churches is heavily influenced by a former ottoman domination.

Next came… or the last multinational influence worth a statue or something were the Soviets. We were told that the big statue in a park should be removed soon. This time it helped me to get an interesting foreground for a picture of the highest mountain in the surroundings of the town.

As food also belongs to the culture, some words about the food. You won’t experience all possibilities of the Bulgarian kitchen if you don’t like cheese. Not only that the first bacteria to produce yogurt was domesticated in Bulgaria, they even produce a huge number of different cream cheeses. The difference of their tastes was surprisingly huge and they tasted good, no matter how much sleep I had. I can’t tell which ones I tried because the hotel failed to label what they had on their buffet, and in the local Carrefour, they where labeled in Cyrillic (the only word I recognize is: Sofia).

Interesting place to visit if you speak Russian or English. And we have no idea if you will be able to book a table in a good restaurant as it was the Easter holiday when we where there with the result, that one night we where the only customers in a good restaurant.

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