Gardening & Planting

As much as this blog is about Music, Clubs, Bars and all other things concerning the Night, there is always room for Nature and all its delights. What pleasure one can find in planting your own herbs & spices and then later through the summer use it for delicious dinners, is astounding.

This year’s selection are the all-time classic basil (every pasta loving human being will agree), peppermint (for refreshing ice-tea) and a selection of chilies. The chilies are Lemon Drop (from Peru) and Purple-Chili (from Mexico), both fresh in taste but relentless in their heat. Currently there is a chili plantation with 40 different variations of chilies, coming from all over the world, over at Heuberger. Drop by if you can, the rest of the shop including the eccentric owner are worth a visit.

Or you can grow your own chilies with the seeds of some of your favorite chilies of the last season (in my case some organic from the north of Italy). It looks as when I used to many seeds. Don’t know yet where to raise all of them.

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