Fritz Kalkbrenner at D! Club, Lausanne

A beautiful night in Lausanne. One ponders over why when writing about this town, the beginning is always the same. Best is go and see for yourself, I surely will be back soon.

Anywho, this time round Fritz Kalkbrenner was stopping on the french side of this nation and mastered to gather a frenetic crowd in a small and packed club. All major hits from his record ‘Here Today, Gone Tomorrow’ were garnished with extra punch and in elegant, yet exciting new versions. Shame that most of the visitors did not know any of this, but while the drinking folk heaved themselves over railings, the few fans were left alone to enjoy. Brings to mind concerts of his older brother Paul, where despite his brilliant music, both the attendants and the musician are rather a pain.

Thank you Fritz, thank you Lausanne and especially thank you to the bouillon soup at four a.m.

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