Metronomy @ Abart, Zürich

I would rate their show with a, ahm no. We’re not known for overrating things, so I will go on with this resume somewhere else.

The warm up artist was a Swiss guy naming his project Dance Affair. I was too late for most of his show but I still have some remarks on his music. Some very nice beats mixed with a too soft voice for this kind of music. But I would say that he can improve to something really enjoyable.

After the 30 minutes to rearrange the stage, Metronomy entered the stage and with the first lyrics I thought, wrong voice. You don’t need such an androgynous voice from such a little bit obese guy while being a combo, looks like they were, on any stage. I would have got the point, I think, when Mr. Adelekan would have taken his part, he did but only occasionally.

Their firefly sported as an accessory? Artificial heart? I don’t get it and if I were the artist with this thing on the chest, I would have got rid of it after the first show using it. Didn’t see any sense in it.

Their songs: I clapped my hands 3 times I think, after 2 individual songs and at the end of the show, I shook my head (from the left to the right and vice versa) frequently. Till now, I couldn’t find the name of the most pleasing track they played. It was something about ‘taking my breath away’. This one was quite good for a club concert.

But with all the other tracks, the overplayed the sound system every second. To many of those high notes destroying ears.

No song where you were able to guess when it will finish because you understood how it’s built. They ended just here and there. Very poor.

And they have a woman at the drums, once I saw her, usually Mr. Adelekan stood in front of her, she looked like a blind zombie. Iiiiiiiii. Not what I expected after reading something like: they have a girl at the drums, yeah. Well of course it was printed on machines that are known to usually abuse paper (on a daily basis) and is free.

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