Dienstagsrennen @ Offene Rennbahn, Zürich Oerlikon

Why did so many people the same thing that I’ve done yesterday? I was quite surprised to see so many people at the Offene Rennbahn on that Tuesday evening.

Maybe for some it was about the actual sport delivered by the athletes on the track, for others among the gray haired spectators an other evening with beer and ‘Bratwurst’ living up their memories… as long as their legs will support them.

But it was surprised how entertaining those races were. From races of women and juniors against each other with a very competitive woman winning one and finishing second in the races (that I saw). To Elite races with unknown athletes, almost at least. The winner was a well known athlete but the name was dropped by the speaker first, when he won the race. A very impressive display by Franco Marvulli in all his races (I saw).

The strangest race was a 12km race on old Swiss military bikes, yeah those heavy things, all the athletes wore even the typical clothes…

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