Signori Misteriosi at Zukunft, Zürich

Switzerland’s first Supergroup was playing in Zurich’s stronghold afterhour club Zukunft and pulled off a curt, but energetic set. The crowd was small, but dedicated. You could tell everybody knew somebody, yet that is not a bad thing necessarily. Come to think this could be one of the bands that you can tell later on, that you saw them with a handful of others in a small basement before they got way too big. I know, this is not the land of milk and honey if you are musician, but it was indeed a showcase of raw talent and sheer lust of playing.

The songs themselves were catchy, full of energy yet not overly noisy. Seems like some of them were written to get them right into the charts. The indie-charts of course, one is not a sell-out after all. However this is exactly that shows a glimpse of something greater, there are a LOT of great bands playing, but none seem to get to that magic hook that is making the Itunes charts go bonkers. The potential is there, let’s hope they keep their aim and shoot for the moon.

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