Relaxing by the lake

Weekend, day 2, and you just woke up after only very few hours of sleep.

Imagine this and you will agree, that you would also be up for some naps at the lake nearby. My luck is, that I live in riding distance to a very cosy, very small but in the first weeks of the swimming season still clear lake (I think it usually gets problems with algae during summer, stopping me from going there for a swim). But this time of the year it’s still perfect.

A little bit cold, that you have to deal with some teenagers screams when they face the lower levels waters touched by their feet. But it’s that easy to forget these interruptions and those by the street 100m away.

What helped me bringing my body and mind back to normal was the beautiful scene of the area. The fish swimming by, most of them quite small, the nice looking crab on the ground and of course the bird of prey (don’t know if ‘Milan’ or ‘Bussard’) who caught a fish from the surface.

Not to mention all the other beauties coming and going..

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