Grandma’s caramel cream

That’s how I would translate the name of the recipe which was in German. But here you get an translated version of it. And it’s not my grandma’s recipe, but she tried the last I made to take some pics from the process, and she liked the result.


2 Egg yolks (freeze the whites for later use, e.g. scrambled egg whites); 30gr caster sugar; 1tsp salt; 100gr caster sugar, 50ml boiling water; 1dl milk; 1,5 spoons corn starch; 4dl milk; 2dl cream.

Add egg yolks, 30gr sugar and salt into a bowl and mix until bright and looking as when it would be solid.

Meanwhile add the 100gr sugar into a pan and let it caramelize over medium heat. You have to endure the first moments when it starts smoking and smelling, but you need to wait a little bit to get a cream with the desired colour. Meanwhile, while stirring occasionally, dissolve the corn stark in the 1dl milk and add it to the beaten egg and stir it until combined.

Add the boiling water and the 4dl milk to the caramelized sugar, let it on the medium heat until all caramel is dissolved and the liquid is short before cooking.

Add this mixture slowly to the egg bowl while this one is constantly mixed. When all the ingredients are in one bowl, give it back to the pan where it looks like this.

Stir until it gets a light brown colour and looks the same in the hole pan no matter how heavy you stir. Add some heat until it produces some slowly moving bubbles.

Then you can add it to a bowl to let it cool down. Cover it with some plastic to avoid that the cream develop a hard skin.

When it cooled down, during summer in the fridge, beat the 2dl cream and add it to your caramel cream.

And even I tried from this one, and it was good (yeah, not that enthusiastic about it because I don’t really like caramel)

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