Jerry Seinfeld at O2-Arena, London

The creator and namesake of arguably the best american sitcom stopped by Europe after a good 12 years of absence to hold a stand-up session in front of a frenetic crowd. Instead of indie rock t-shirts, prints with Kramer and witty George-quotes are found, the zeal matches that of blindly raving lunatic fans. I, of course, being one of them.

To pull off a one-man show for 90minutes in front of a mere 20’000 is one thing, the word sell-out comes to mind, but if you thought the man would get mild with his age and recently having started a family, you’d be dead wrong. Sometimes painfully cynical, sardonic and so explicitly dark that the laughter would stop for a moment. As it is the case with his friend and long-time co-creator Larry David, this might be ridicilous, condemnable anti-social behaviour he is clearly so fond talking about, but deep down you know this is not coming from sheer observational power. Both of them have this side, and it is a strong one at that. They seem to need an outlet, such as the show Seinfeld, later Larry with Curb your Enthusiasm and Jerry by going back to his stand-up routine.

Every comedian having a dark and twisted side is even greater though, because he can create a relief of a deeply disturbing side of the human being, that we all may have in some form. Jerry does exactly that, while being hilarious, creating new one-liners and memorable scenes effortlessly.

The bit about the dying cell-phone is hopefully popping up on youtube soon, you will see it right here. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, go back and watch some Seinfeld. It may take a while to get in, but it will take forever to get out. It is that good!

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