Caribana Festival, Crans-près-Céligny

The very unknown and very small festival surely must suffer in the shadow of the great Paléo, that takes place in the fields outside of Nyon. This however is set right in the small port and enjoys a beautiful setting. The three stages, especially the big one, seem oddly out of place, you kind of wish they wouldn’t take away so much of the scenery. The crowd was mostly local, enjoying their own, private festival and one wonders why this seems to be impossible in greater cities..

Anywho we stuck to the eloborately panned out plan and had a terrific time. Somehow it was all about yellow sunglasses in the end, but let’s hear about the music:

Solange La Frange

She has been around for ages, she does a sound similar to Sebastian, Uffie and the likes but sometimes seems more comfortable when she’s acting like CSS, Peaches and a dirty Alyson Goldfrapp. Which is exactly the problem, despite her amazing stage presence, the gorgeous & full-on songs, it always seems borrowed from somewhere. If I watch her videos, it reminds me of Annie’s last record. It is very frustrating, because you really want to have a positive review, yet despite her great attitude, musical knack, it will sadly not stick around until she finds her thing. In the meantime, go see her live, that she does tremendously well. watch video No.2!


I have to confess, there were times, when this was by far the most listened band on my record player. I fell in love with Skye’s voice and the beauty and sadness of songs like Blindfold and Let me See. What brought me to that vulnerable spot though was the seemingly effortless blend of Pink Floyd-esque guitars and hip hop samples, best showcased in their earlier work, creating something that was their own and let them stand-out. Even though this was Trip-Hop’s prime time and they were much less dark, they had the attention of all followers. Of course it was when they put out ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, a decent pop-song, they alienated all fans completely and went Radio-Top-40 material. So as an alienated fan, it felt strange, seeing this old favourite of mine, and sort of good to finally see them live. They did well, but somehow couldn’t shake off the sentiment that this is not live-music, but suits a bar or an elevator much better. Or a teenager’s bedroom of course.

Little Dragon

This act from Sweden seemed similar to Solange la Frange at first, but never matching the live fervor of the latter. Never heard of them before, yet based solely on the live experience, this was something to follow up-on. Done so: they sound surprisingly mellow, desperately trying to be difficult. Maybe I have gotten to the point in life, where I no longer drink the most funny-looking beverage that is on the menu, but opt for the white wine instead, fall asleep on a taxi on the ride home on a regular basis, but this sounds boring and pretentious at the same time. And this is not good. So if they are on the line-up for a festival, go see them because they have the punch, but stay away from the records.

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