News of the World – 1843-2011 R.I.P.

Our beloved sunday newspaper is no more. Gone the hillarious headlines, the endless puns and clever wordplay. And alas, the slideshows…! Despair is looming.

If you circle the web, there are already listings of the best ever headlines, so as a goodbye, have a chuckle:

Andrew and the Sex Slave Beast

FI Boss Has Sick Nazi Orgy With Hookers

My Big Fat Gypsy Divorce at just 19

Apprentice Zoe: I won Glenn with socks appeal

Harry’s bedder than Jen, says Flo

Boozy bro Andy Carroll gave me black why eye

Cheeky mates show off Lamps’ Chelsea buns

I Moss be mad, wedding’s cost us £1m

Peter Crouch’s unAbbey families

Cheating Roo Beds Hooker

You Daft Bricks


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