Katy B @ Jazz Festival, Montreux

Even if this years list of artists for the Jazz Festival wasn’t able to have me buying some tickets for a concert or the other, I saved a couple of nights on my agenda to head towards the lake Geneva. You don’t need to believe it, but many great artists still play on stages that are for free.

My personal headliner was Katy B. As it was something like a night for UK-artists, there was even Benji B in the after show program. But I only made it to see my headliner. Cute little girl with her red hair. Her show didn’t last too long, but she sang at least two songs I knew and that made my journey worthwhile. Quite strange how she played the bonus track. Usually the artists dissapear completely and return after the crowd is demanding it. Katy gave the bonus after a warm applause after a song and left afterwards without any sign that she could be brought back by any crowd.

Crowd in Montreux: from local to international, from young to old and from cute to twins. Definately a part of the festival that lets me make the journey.

Read it as Red Bull Music Academy Radio.com

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