Other nights @ Montreux Jazz 2011

This was maybe the last year that I could spend 3 nights at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Because not one of the names was on the list for concerts with fees, I went again for free artists @ the Jazz Café.

Through the festivals Facebook postings I learned something about a band interesting enough to pay for the next concert in the area. Danish band “Reptile and Retard”.

Last week I had the pleasure to listen to a set by Efdemin, but it wasn’t as exceptional as I expected. And I wouldn’t say, that anything else from that night was good enough to make me travel (Munich holds the record for my longest travel for a concert).

The other night I had the band ’77 Bombay Street’ on my list. But after half of their concert and the comment that it’s more “ä frouä band” (try to find a dictionary that works for this strange language on your own, I was guessing). I was only once able to believe them on behalf of the content of their lyrics, 47 Millionaires.

Very sad that some ended their 2011 festival with battles with the security team and the police.

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