The Subs @ Alte Börse, Zurich

Damn I’m getting older, after 30 mins of the concert from The Subs, I was exhausted and ready, to take some pics and videos.

But until we got there, I had to endure a real nightmare. There was a local warm-up band destroying all my hope for a great night. I think they played for almost one hour. The name: Le Dompteur, just that you know what to avoid. Far, very far away from a good club music playing band. It felt as when the beat was at 80 per min, what I would recommend for background music during a brunch or some other activity you may end up being too tired too fully attend.

After this band, their lead singer started djing as DJ Jimi Jules and he was far better than whit his band, but still not at club level.

But now to something spreading joy in a club. Ahm no, not the crowd, too young or too masculine. The Subs can really turn  a mediocre night into a great one. My shirt was still wet after I got up in the afternoon, even after I hung it up.

You may wanna listen into some of their music. My favorite is ‘The Face Of The Planet’, still good is ‘Mitsubitchi’ and their anthem is ‘Pope Of Dope‘.

I got a video from the start of Pope of Dope but the first one added is one where we got some time to calm down, very much needed, during their concert.


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