Swiss wine regions

This week I tried to buy some wine just where it was produced. First a little bit away from Zurich, because I have no idea where those few winemakers at the borders of the lake are producing their wines. My idea was, that in places where there are more grapes than people, it should be easier to find the winemakers.

So I headed to the region of the Bielersee, just south of the Jura Mountains and with loads of vineyards on those flanks. After I made it to Twann, thanks to the SBB it wasn’t that easy and made me taste a localy roasted coffee which was quite good, I was surprised that my tactic was just right.

Some houses with grapes on the walls, and I would say that every fifth had some bottles of wine in the windows and asked for ‘Please ring’ on the doorbell. I rang on one of those doors and asked the underage man who came down to sell me two bottles of their Oeil de Perdrix. The young man was the son of the winemaker and I’m quite sure that you gonna read on these pages how the wine from the last season was.

Another day I tried to do the same in an other wineregion. I failed, I went to far into the valley and missed the vineyards. Because I arrived there in the afternoon, I decided not to start my search in the lower parts of the valley. I sat down in a not local pub called Britannia Pub and had a local dish. A ‘Walliser Platte’, a board of massive wood covered with local cheese and meat, and lots of it. I think you would get half of it in Zurich and the price tag could change as well. I think the cheese was from a nearby alp and already gone, when I took the picture below. Most of the meat was already gone as well, vegetables not but the last peace of local bread is covered with some slices of the meat. The rest stayed untouched and the 3.50 CHF Espresso didn’t help to wake me up, so I had to stay there in the shadow and recover slowly for a couple of hours. No wine bought in Brig.

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