Ricardo Villalobos at Seebad Enge, Zürich

The 20-year anniversary edition of this years mega-event Streetparade lived up to the reputation. Somewhat dubious and ambivalent, the parade itself an excrescent hybrid of an obviously much needed outlet for people and a folkloristic showcase of silliness. On the other hand amazing musicians, artists and DJs are gathered and most of them play for free. Where else would you get such a massively diverse and absurdely huge crowd in the middle of the day? The venue is nothing short of spectacular, especially on a good weather day.

Normally would not believe my luck to be able to attend a set from Ricardo Villalobos playing on a raft in the lake of zurich. However that was exactly what was supposed to be on offer. But then the Chilean producer was both late and extremely spaced, the ‘rough sea’ of our little lake was too much for him. So instead, he spun his records and smoking devices on more solid ground.

Responsible for a fundamental change in how electronic music in general and minimal in particular would be perceived is of course heightening expectations – those were not met. Starting off awfully slow and being notably distracted, floating still probably, he would only gradually get the momemtum going. Something only a superstar can actually survive without being chased off the stage. Doesn’t make him a better live-performer, but what’s more painful is that his creative output seems to have been drowned as well. Here’s hoping, to a return to form, that was way off sadly.

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