Street Parade 2011 Zurich

Knowing that my highlight of this years Street Parade would be a set by The Martinez Brothers at a club. I arrived late at the parade and missed most of the trucks and the DJ’s playing on them, and the other ones were ignored. Think this has something to do with my age, I just can’t behave like a fool all day and night long.

So Avicii was the first DJ I wanted to listen to. Unfortunately Eddie Thoneick started late or played too long. He showed how uninspired music can be. I mean, on Center Stage, an annual event attracting a lot of people … and this guy was playing the charts, at least the part with a heavy beat. That was the first time I was thinking: what the hell have those people in front of the stage consumed?

To Aviciis music my legs started to move a little bit, my head bounced from time to time and he played his own tracks. At least to where, ahh yeah, that’s Avicii. I’m quite sure that his music is better suited for a arena than for a small club, so maybe that was the last time I saw this guy.

Later on, we headed to another stage to see Boize Noise and some more of the crazy crowd gathering along the shore of the lake. Their music made a lot of people dancing, this time even me. But they had the bad luck to play during the great laser show (that’s what was announced to celebrate the 20th parade, instead of a firework). The lasers at Bürkliplatz had no chance against the streetlights so that you could barely see them. Those at Center Stage where far away, but nevertheles seemed quite impressive.

The last venue I headed to, was the Supermarket where The Martinez Brothers were due to play. The place was damn hot, crowded and lots of those there where smoking wherever and whatever they wanted. The brothers played some very nice tunes and made the others dancing. Was quite strange to see them arriving at the desks. Never seen such a large crew and because lots of them where wearing baseball hats, it was difficult to figure out, which ones could possibly be the DJs.

And after leaving a first time, I returned to listen some minutes to have an idea, what tunes Loco Dice would play. But I was too tired and had for one time heard enough good music to be able to remember this guy.

Never again or till next year…

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