Musique en Route at Röntgenplatzfest, Zürich

Why are people living in cities looking down to suburbians, or god forbid, rural inhabitants? In the same vein, stereotypes fly back to urbanites being superficial, arrogant and narcissistic. Perhaps because it is all true. Why does DJ Antoine still sell records? Go and ask north of Glattbrugg and see for yourself in the car-parks with super-charged Fiat cars blasting the ever same beats. Then again, why would your average urban city-dweller go to a concert of a band playing balkan-folk? And actually love it? The absurdity of it all boggles my mind. Didn’t we use to share the same cool? What happened to Nirvana?

Before I ramble on, I have to confess, I did love this concert very much. Smack me sideways and call me Judy, but it was downright fantastic. Yet, as so often, the stage presence, with a a large number of guest musicians, made the difference. The trio itself have an unmistakable musical connection, a blind language that transcends into the audience and grips your heart. The tunes, mostly cover versions adapted and re-arranged, are simple ever-greens, but played with the warmth of said balkan-folk. It still is amazing that you could get away playing all the instruments that urban people dismiss as folklore and best-be-forgotten remnants of darker times, and get a crowd going, wanting for more.

That says a lot of our confused times we live in, but also about their massive quality as a live band. Listening to their studio efforts, I was not half convinced, but ever more amazed how you could actually get people to like this so much. There is hope against the hegemony of the top-40 same-old pablum.

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