Bäsebeiz a de Sihl

Or: Eating enormous quantities of meat. It’s not just a passion, merely a fascination but a purpose of destiny. So no question, whether you should go to a place where you get 400g worth of delicious steak for a price, that makes one cringe. It is so cheap, it’s not a price, it’s a gift from heaven.

So where is this magic place you might ask? Very close, but well hidden. If you drive along the river Sihl out of the city, and take a turn up the hill towards Hirzel.. well then you are close, but still a dangerous road awaits taking dizzying turns and boasting potholes galore. But it is all worth it, when that dish is served the table turns silent because it is now time to walk the talk. Not everybody finishes and shame ensues, but alas deliverance awaits in the form of a ginormous dessert of Merengue. The latter is buried in icecream and a LOT of cream. They probably employ an architect to build that thing, it is ridicolous yet again very tasty.

The only downside to that place is, you will not physically stand going twice a year. Your body will collapse under the sheer amount of unhealthy ingredients, the fries being the healthiest of it all.

Sihlmatt ZH: Bäsebeiz an der Sihl, Tel. 044 729 91 34, geöffnet Do – So

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