Skrillex @ Alte Börse, Zurich

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write something about the music Skrillex played last Friday night at Alte Börse. My impression was: it was too extreme to share with lots of people. First point: the bass-loaded music.

But until I could dance to Skrillex remixes I had to endure a lot. The first dissapointment came at the door, but I decided to end this post with that part of the story…

They booked 5 DJ’s for that night and had 3 of them playing before the main act, quite rude. At least the sets where no longer than 90 mins and of course, the last one is as unknown to me as he was before. You need to get some sleep when you want to finish your meat the next evening.

First was Ngoc Lan. I saw her at last years Red Bull Thre3 Style at the very same venue. She had a lot of fun playing her music and it was good stuff to warm up a little bit. Very sad that afterwards there were two other DJ’s with limited skills, ‘Silent Rabbit’ and ‘Discod’ their names. Silent Rabbit tried to play some chart hits interupting them with parts like in Magnetic Man’s Anthemic to make the crowd bouncing, total failure, sorry man. Discod doesn’t know the trick either. And maybe the worst part of those two sets was devoted to just one man.

The very uncalled-for, at least not by me, fatty, with greasy hair and sunglasses looking worse than those sold through shopping channels. I mean those for ex-marines who need to clean their cars in the suburbs of a city in some deserts. And this man took the microphone and yelled, sang or something similar into it. I don’t think that was art or something I want to pay for.

And then came Skrillex. I didn’t know much about this guy. Only thing that made me walking to the club was, that I read his name often when it was about some remixes I liked. To introduce you this L.A. man: listen

This man made the crowd bouncing. Setbacks were, that it was extremly crowded and as humid as in a steam bath. But what a great set and what a furious crowd. It doesn’t happen that often that a DJ geta everyone in a club to make what he’s asking them to do. E.g. at the end of the set sitting on the heels and wait until he asks them to dance again. I wasn’t doing what the majority did at this moment, but it was nice to look at.

And at this point I wasn’t even thinking about the 50$, at a rate we last had Dec. 2008 or maybe someday in the future.

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