Trentemøller @ Hive Club, Zurich

This guy should not be playing DJ-sets in a club. Club sets are made to let people dance and this danish dynamite failed completly. I mean I stayed there and waitet that his set will end, but Trentemøller played at least 150 mins and not only 120 mins, so I left before getting the chance to hear another DJs set that could not have been worse.

There’s no way that a heavy baseline added to a lame track with lyrics amongst the most stupid ever heard make a good song. And that this guy, who should have retired in the ages Brian Laudrub did it, was thinking he was rocking the place, made it a little bit worse. The place was really crowded but only a few where dancing, very unusual for a Thursday night.

Queuing for more than 60 mins didn’t added something remarkable to this experience. I hope it’s gonna be a lot better next Thursday. Go Yuksek Go!

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