Weekend riots in Zurich

How far did we come that you feel guilty when you walk in the mainstation area on a Saturday night wearing a black jacket?

First I felt surprised by the sheer amount of police men and women in their fighting suits, Mercedes built vessels able to discard huge amounts of water and the uncouted people in the area.

When I returned hours later there where less people around, it was already a couple of hours after midnight, but I started to feel unconforable. What was it? When I went underground to avoid the pouring rain, I could notice it a little bit better. Tear gas. Stupid kids from the area, yeah most of them as local as I am, had again some fights with the police.

Best thing is that as it only happened the second consecutive time this weekend and hasn’t spread on to many news websites abroad, those riots can be over and be remembered as a strange May 1st flashback in mid September. I don’t want to bet on that.

Worst thing from my point of view where those 3 pupils wearing black jackets or hoodies that passed my and talked about: … yeah videos… No, don’t recognice me, because I was hooded… 😦

Hope they stay at home every other night of this year.

Great band, but wrong song at the moment

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