The Markets of Jerusalem

The beauty of Jerusalem is literally found on every corner, yet it is constantly overwhelming the poor traveller’s mind and heart. The thousands of years of history, the sheer madness of old-city and the current difficulties make a mix hard to swallow. Nonetheless you can feel there is something in the air. All of this is combined in the souks, the markets. The sensation of spices, fresh fruit and all kinds of useless junk juggled together with fierce haggling for our dear life and honour give you a taste of the struggle, yet show how this is, despite everything, still somehow working.

On a friday you can see the three religions all out, trampling each other on their very feet hurrying along to their most sacred sites. It makes one wonder, why again is exactly this place so important? It probably wouldn’t be half the fuss if it weren’t for the other parties standing in your way, occupying just that much of their designated place of worship. This isn’t over, you are witnessing history in the making.

As unique as the city are the inhabitants, whether religion, nationality, social status or opinions, you will not find any matching specimen. Whereas our supermarkets become more homogenous and frankly quite bland, a true Jerusalemite is as unique as any market around Israel.

From a distance, this cannot and will not work, there is too much tension, hate and stubbornness at hand. Yet this keeps on going since around the same time as there exist markets to trade, talk and be together. One cannot not be without the others, it would lose a significant part of the purpose of being there. A vendor always needs a buyer. And if there is one more, there is competition. Bingo!

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