Going out in Tel Aviv

To spend a few days in Tel Aviv is a blessing, pardon the pun, for it is a hedonistic, youthful and refreshingly relaxed place. To think that it’s older sister Jerusalem is only a short busride away, makes the experience even more enjoyable. Going out in Tel Aviv is always connected to the nightlife, a truly unique one at that. However there is so much more to the city:

The Beaches

There are other great city beaches, Miami, Barcelona, Rio to name but a few. Yet Tel Aviv has a distinct flavour, that is defined through the sheer amount of ridiculously good looking people, the ever so prominent army with helicopters and destroyer ships parading up and down the ocean front and the picturesque and almost painstakingly beautiful sunsets. It is a grand feeling being here, whether during the day or in the evening, where bars cater to your every need.

The Streets

Start off with a market selling local craftmanship, wander on to the great bustling markets in the jemenite quarter all centrally located around Allenby Rd/King George Avenue. While you are on that corner, visit Sheinkin Street, a heaven for every hipster to be. It has to be mentioned though, that your average European city-dweller is already well acquinted with all the trends on display. However, Israelis do show both style and courage in actually wearing them. Moving on to Rothschild Boulevard, home to fantastic restaurants and round things off with a great bar on Ben Yehuda or Dizengoff. The latter is again home to shops that will fulfil all your materialistic dreams. For all others, sit in a cafe, bar or restaurant and be enchanted with the friendly and ever so interested people frequenting the streets.

The Clubs

Nightlife is relentless. Many say, due to the frail state of the region, the danger lurking around every corner and the prominent conflicts there is ever so much more need of a complete immersing in club culture. To party like there is no tomorrow is being taken quite seriously. Despite this, the good clubs are really hard to get into, you have to know somebody. Luckily, you get to know lots of people, simply by either sitting at the beach or in bar at the above mentioned streets. And if you do make it into one of the good ones, and get to the vey likely point of a sunrise while still partying, it actually feels like you have been given another chance to live life to the fullest in this marvellous city.

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