British Sea Power @ Abart, Zurich

I went to their concert because of just one song which I find is pretty good. And they didn’t miss to play it they way I had it in my ears… But other things happened first.

Warm-up act was the Irish band ‘a classic education’. I missed to ask them where this name came from. First I thought this had something to do with the way they learned to play their instruments or how to write a song, but I let this thought drop when I heard their music. I was wondering if it was a genre thing, but no, British Sea Power’s music was much more enjoyable. This Irish band still has to find their way. It took me 4 songs to figure out, which part of the sound cloud delivered may be from which instrument.

An all night issue was, that the music was too loud to be enjoyable without earplugs but the vocals too low to be heard with earplugs so that I missed most of the vocals of both bands 😦

British Sea Power played tons of songs for a very long hour or maybe even 90mins, I haven’t had a look at the clock. Unfortunately only two of the 6 people on stage looked like they were enjoying themselves. Not that you could hear this when they played their instruments, but it hurt the eyes a little bit. And when you can agree, that the lead singer isn’t really an instrument, I can finish with: The second guy who sang some songs wasn’t impressive.

Well I can’t finish a post with such words, so here the clip of my favorite song and the remark, that I enjoyed most of my one and only concert by British Sea Power.

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One Response to British Sea Power @ Abart, Zurich

  1. beno says:

    Waving flags is a great song but just one of many (keep listening, after wednesday the new album has really grown on me). I was at the Abart and reckon they wouldn’t have played so long if they hadn’t enjoyed it and didn’t really get that impression! As a side note the previous 3 nights they had played in köln, berlin and münchen (in that order) so maybe they were knackered?! Ear plugs spoil any sound and aren’t always necessary, I liked the second singer but the lead vocals of BSP are a hard act to follow.

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