Amsterdam Dance Event

What’s new in Dance Music? No answer was obtained when visiting the beautiful and sunny city of Amsterdam this weekend, yet all the more questions. Perhaps it’s better to ask about the state of Dance Music. We are all getting a bit tired by Ed Banger and the like, let’s face it. Skrillex gets people going, but are we going to remember any of this? Will it be as epic as Underworld used to be? Probably not. Yet the scene is very much alive, and oh, it seems Dubstep has reached its peak finally.

Its fragmentation is progressing rapidly, scenes getting popular and forgotten in a cycle that seems very random. But that doesn’t mean it is not alive, with the long overdue fall of the label power, the rise of bland everyday Top 40 bangers and the mushrooming of thousands of home producers filling hard drives across the globe, it is far from being on its deadbed.

Henrik Schwarz at Concrete Store (Peppermint Jam Label Night)

This little outing had it all, great crowd, astonishing DJ on top form and free beer. Never heard of the label, but the one half of the duo Tiefschwarz is obviously well known. As this was rather early, it was far from overcrowded, yet everybody was partying (did I mention free beer?). One wondered why you should trouble yourself with going to a club at all. I didn’t anyway.

Modeselektor aboard Ocean Diva

Next day, another free party, this time aboard the Ocean Diva right in the port of Amsterdam. This time round, the german duo Modeselektor was showcasing their many talents. Unfortunately they have the dubious quality of shoving out absolute tosh right next to greatness. Is it something about the beauty of contrast? Will you appreciate a good song more if you just heard garbage in audible form? Or are they just big enough, that they can hammer out anything they want and the senseless audience will enjoy it anyhow. I tend to the latter, as it was yet another event with free booze.

Anywho it was a great event, even though I stayed clear of the nightlife. Why should I if the best already underwent for free in the late afternoon. Let’s try next time!

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