Birdy Nam Nam @ Salzhaus Winterthur

They are still 4 Four French men who added a DJ to their nicknames (or something like that, I was on my heels to leave when they introduced themselves at the end of their show).

When I first saw them a couple of years ago, they were one act during a soirée éléctro at the Montreux Jazz Festival. I don’t know if they will be selected with their current programm for a revival, but so would Yuksek (and that’s very sad).

And now: what we heard tonight. It began with chilling tunes. I think they should have set the pricetag 5 francs higher and therefore engage a decent warm-up DJ. 100 mins after the door opened, Birdy Nam Nam hit the stage and took over the vibes of the cool-down. No baseline, no lightshow (well no lightshow for most of the night) and nothing from most things until their song got his baseline which overwhelmed both subwoofer and speakers. Doesn’t seem to be the best location for bass heavy music 😦 . And yeah, many electro tracks do have a heavy baseline, so do the new tracks by Birdy Nam Nam.

If I got it right, they played most of the tracks from their new album ‘Defiant Order’. Some tracks had really good parts in it, as ‘Jaded Future’, ‘Cadillac Dreams’ or ‘Goin’ In’ but only the first of the two bonus tracks could convince me. And after 90 mins the whole show was over and I’m not going to see their show in Geneva in a few hours.

Cadillac Dream:

Their current show suits maybe better to keep a crowd at Riders Palace in Laax going than some people in a club in a midsize or large city.

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