Listening to Mix Tapes

Remember how much time you were able to spend to pin down a tracklist for a mix tape? Even if it wasn’t for anyone special, it had to hold up for the future, it would have to be the definite sample of your musical scope, taste and ultimately credibility. When music was not as easily available the word did spread with mixed tapes, later cd’s or minidiscs. But not the format predestined its death but the end of the longplayer format.

This post is not meant as a lament of nostalgia, by any means. If anything we adore these times with music all over the place, even though it is too much to keep up with, the means of sharing and enjoying music have grown endless. While the music industry is on its death-bed, the music scene grows and changes without looking back. But every once in a while, boundaries and limitations offer opportunities for greatness. Within the small space of a CD or a tape magic can and does happen, whereas an endless playlist on your Itunes loses its appeal two hours in.

So it’s kind of ironic that multinational corporations rediscover the format of a mixed tape, to promote young and upcoming artits ranging from all kinds of genres. Of course not for charity, this is for building an image and luring customers into buying things. But since it’s free, well assembled and you’re all old enough to make your own decisions check out the mixed tape series by Mercedes Benz: and the best thing is, there is a new one out every 6 weeks.

Favourite track on the last outing:

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