Expovina, Zürich

It is a fine thing to honour traditions, especially if that means attending an exposition about wine. Even better if said exhibition, hold annually, is located aboard the assembly of all ships that cruise our beloved lake of Zurich. You’re aboard a boat, tasting delicious wine from all over the world and most likely end up buying more than just one carton. What is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing.

While getting to the good stuff can prove to be tricky, persistence always pays off. Some stands will blatantly ignore you, simply because you have not lost all your hair or are at least in your silver years. Best not to lose time on those, all they care about is your wallet and they usually serve crap wine. Stick to the ones telling you tale stories, may they be true or not it is far more convincing and adds a great deal to the flavour. Apparently the further the evening progresses, the more inclined you feel towards that overpriced bottle of Amarone, yet don’t be fooled usually it’s the one right at the beginning that proved to be the gold medal winner. In any case, all these cartons arriving weeks after the exhibition still make your time worth while.

Go as long as it still lasts! (Open till 17th of November)


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