Kunst 11 in Zurich

Some time to look at some walls this weekend? Until Sunday there is the Kunst 11 beeing held in a former hall of ABB in Oerlikon. Even if you don’t know this part of the town, it’s very easy to find as the 3 turns from the trainstation are very well marked, even when the streets there get a bit dark at night.

They charge you 20.- CHF if you don’t have an invitation by a gallery or something similar, which I didn’t as the big chunks of my money go somewhere else than towards art. But it’s nice to have a look at pieces that could hang on your walls instead of those in a museum…

I had two favorites:

and this boy looks very realistic. Great idea to add another room to your flat. I hope you can order one made for your needs, with your floor, your door and a person or animal of your choice.

I wonder how different the art fairs in Basel and Zurich are. Even I noticed that one painting was already in Basel and I was in some kind of a hurry in both places. Another thing I want to mention: the crowd in Basel seemed to be more international and a little bit younger. I missed the cherry eating model-type people completely and got an overdose of white hair that I eventually had to have some Flammkuche, Pumpkin Soup & wine.

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